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Sari Silk Waste Batts - Lavender

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Elevate your crafting with these gorgeous lavender Sari Silk Waste Batts. Made with recycled silk, these batts are full of color and texture that lends softness, style, and sustainability to your projects. Who said being green has to be boring?

Sari Silk waste Batts are the strongest natural fibers and is spun into a wonderful yarn used for knitting and weaving! The Silk Batts have a lovely draping quality. The batts is a smooth filament and the fabric out of it is comfortable against the skin. Silk is a natural protein fiber. Silk Batts are well known for its shine, lustre and tensile strength. This fiber is recycled and carded or processed into roving or batts form. This fiber is created as a byproduct of Sari production in India. The bright colors are a wonderful addition to a spinning or felting project.

Quantity: 500 gram or 250 gram or 1Kilogram or 2Kilogram
Hand Crafted
Color:  Lavender

Quality: Soft Fiber

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Standard Delivery is by IndiaPost, Processing time is 1-5 working days and delivery time 3-4 weeks
Express Delivery is by FedEx or DHL, where the processing time is 1-5 working days and delivery time 7-10 working days