Recycle Indian Sari Skirt | SILK ROUTE INDIA | Pack of 10 ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Recycle Indian Sari Skirt | Pack of 10

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Wrap Around skirt is free style for all that can wear during various occasions such as holidays, relaxation, Party time, Business Meeting or night time. Fabric is soft and smooth that makes you feel very comfortable. These skirts are long and comes with flexible waist.

Fabrics: Recycled Indian Sari
Color : Assorted color
Size: Ankle and Knee


Size dimension:
Small: Waist (approx 36"-38") x Length (approx 32" - 35")
Medium: Waist (approx 45"- 48") x length (approx 32" - 35")
Large: Waist (approx 55" - 58") x Length (approx 32" - 34")
Extra Large : Waist (approx 65" - 70") x Length (approx 38" - 40")

Washing guide: Hand wash with cold water only to avoid discoloration and hang to dry under shades. Do not use chemicals during washing.

Note: As these are assorted colors with 2 length (Ankle & Knee), please leave us a note to the comment sections, specifying the color(tone) and length you are looking for...!!