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2.5" Silk Sari Ribbon Rolls

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Pure silk sari fabric rolls, 2.5" inch wide.
Beautiful toned colours in each roll of fabric.

This sari silk fabric rolls has been produced from waste bits of silk fabric left over from sari manufacturing and sewn end to end to for a continuous roll of silk. It is beautiful & Each roll is unique & come up with assorted color, some may have embroidered details all recycled. Suitable for scrapbooking, quilting, textile arts and crafts, embroidery and fiber art.

The perfect Sari Silk Rolls - 2.5" Inch for your next quilting, Cushion, Bedsheet or patchwork assignment. These fabric rolls are handmade from Recycle Sari Silk, by the artisans in our co-ops in India.

Total bundle per order: 5 or 10
Dimensions: 2.5" Inches
Material: Recycle Sari Silk Fabric
Quantity: 5 Rolls or 10 Rolls
Weight: 100 Gram Per Roll (Approx.)
Length: 40 yards per Rolls (Approx.)

Materials: Sari silk,Sari silk

Silk Riibon