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Recycled Sari Silk Yarn Prime Army

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Recycled Sari Silk Yarn Prime Army that is available in multitude of colors, and being premium, you get extra length of yarn in the same weight. We fabricate Sari Silk yarn Prime from the bi-product of sari and silk production units. The knitting Yarn, available with us, is hand spun into bright hanks which is suitable for number of Handicrafts applications. Recycle sari yarn comes with various fiber mixes that also happens to help people and the planet. Yarn is made from recycled silk, to be specific the by product silk from industrial silk sari weaving unit in India. The yarn is hand-spun, using drop spindle helping women cooperatives to earn their livelihood.
Since the hanks of sari silk yarn prime are spun manually, each one is unique. There’s no dye lot on recycled sari silk yarn prime-army, and even if you buy two hanks at the same time there’s no guarantee that the colors are going to be the same. Knitting Yarn are the remnants of traditionally crafted Indian Saris and are extensively used in making hats, mittens, hued scarves, etc. We offer Recycle Sari Yarn comprising of 100% and they are not over spun unlike some natural yarn. Each skein has distinct color, gauge, twist and texture. Varying in weight, our Recycled Sari Yarn are hailed for their quality and strength.

Quantity: 1 Pound in Cone or 2 Pounds in Cone
Length of sari silk yarn prime : 450 yards per Cone
Needle size: 3
Available: Cone
Color: Army
Materials: Sari silk,Sari silk