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Recycle Sari Silk Ribbon Braided - MultiColor

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This yarn is made of pure silk and is approximately an inch wide through out. Due to its handmade nature there might occasionally be variations in width.
When silk fabric is cut and made into saris, wraps, and veils, there is always a bit left over. Rather than throw that waste fiber into the trash, it has been made into a beautiful, unique, soft yarn..!! Direct from India, this yarn is a truly recycled product. It is a bulky weight and is soft and easy to knit or crochet.
The perfect length for a smaller project like a wrap bracelet, gift wrap ribbon, hair bows, and more..!!

Quantity: 40-45 Yards approx for 100 Gram.
Weight: One Pound or Two pound or Four Pound
Hanks: 3-4 Pieces in One Pound and 6-8 Pieces in Two Pound and 12-15 Pieces in Four Pound

Since this is a recycle product, No two skeins are exactly alike but we will send you the ones that are the closest in color.
Materials: Silk,Sari silk