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Kibisu Silk Fiber Waste

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Kibisu fibres are silk waste obtained post-reeling of silk from cocoons. They are quite stiff due to the process used, and retain the natural sericin. The fibres may slightly vary in tone as shown in the photo, and there will be a few silk cocoons included, which can be removed or kept to add to the texture.
These fibres are great for sculptural work and textile art.
Natural yellow tinged in places, left over cocoons in places, this natural waste raw silk fibres are left over from reeling. Natural sericin so not super soft.
Sericin is a protein created by Bombyx mori (silkworms) in the production of silk. Silk is a fibre produced by the silkworm in production of its cocoon.

Quantity: 250 Gram, 500 Gram or 1 Kilo
Color: Natural dirty White or cream
Package Type: Airtight pack

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