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Mulberry Silk Yarn 900M/100Gr - 32

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Abia silk (Mulberry Silk Yarn 900M/100Gr) is a unique Silk Yarn ideal for Knitting. Abia Silk is very soft and shiny. It is Lace weight and is directly spun from the premium Mulberry Silk Tops. It is a yarn of Natural Protein Fiber. Abia Silk Yarn has compact structure, evenness, clean appearance, elegant luster, Good moisture-absorbing capability, good strength and elongation, with fine and soft fibers.

Color: Abia 32
Hanks: 2 or 4 or 10 or 20 Pieces
2 Ply Silk
100% Mulberry Silk
Length: about 900 m per 100 gr
Needle size: 3
super soft, fine quality & a great shine
Used for knitting project such as sweaters, shawls, pullovers, hats, throws, socks, gloves & jumpers
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Materials: Mulberry Silk