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Mulberry Silk Yarn Short Fiber is a unique Silk Yarn ideal for Knitting. Mulberry Yarn is very soft and shiny. It is directly spun from the short fiber of Mulberry Silk Tops. It is a yarn of Natural Protein Fiber. Mulberry Yarn has compact structure, evenness, clean appearance, elegant luster, Good moisture-absorbing capability, good strength and elongation, with fine and soft fibers. It is Useful for Weaving and Knitting.

We Offer You High Quality of silk yarn. It is available in many colors and is made by using short fiber quality raw materials. It is highly appreciated for its looks and for its appearance. It can be used for knitting projects such as sweaters, shawls, pullovers, hats, throws, socks, gloves, jumpers, and cardigan, Scarves etc.

Quantity: 5 Pieces or 10 Pieces or 20 Pieces x 100 Grams per order
100% Mulberry Silk
Super soft and fine quality
A great shine