Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Soft Amber - Recycled Ribbon in Australia

Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon - Soft Amber

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Recycled Sari silk Ribbon - Soft Amber is the by-product of colorful saris that women wear in India. It is the loose ends of saris collected from industrial mills in India that is torn in stripes and sewn end to end to make beautiful and colorful ribbons. The vibrant colors and unique texture of these silk fabric, the sari silk ribbons are inspirational to designers, knitters, and artisans. The popularity of recycled Sari silk ribbon yarn has extended beyond India and has created an empowering cottage industry primarily benefiting women.

This sari silk ribbon is made of completely recycled Sari silk ribbon yarn material from recycled clothing. We work with women’s Cooperative in the countryside to produce this unique ribbons and other hand knitted silk yarn products. Women make this ribbons and various knitwear in their homes while not neglecting their other household chores. This work provides additional income to support and improve their family earnings.

Quantity: 5x100 Gram, 10x100 Grams or 20x100 Grams per Order
Length: Sari Silk Ribbon about 50m per 100 gram
Needle size: 15-20

Code: (S114LL-L)

Color: Soft Amber
100% Silk stripe
Wide: 1-1.5 inch wide
Sari Silk Ribbon used for : cowls, shawls, stoles, bags, pouches, cushions, embellishment, Scarves, neck warmers, bags, pouches.

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