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Noil Silk Fiber

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Silk Noil waste is made from the short fibers of the cocoon from combing of silk and is very soft in nature. This has alook of wool, feel of soft cotton and a luxury of Silk. Ideally used for spinning, carding, felting, artwork and DIY project. It is a by products of spun silk. Noil fibers are left over from silk combing. It is a shorter-staple fiber that can be spun, hand-plied, or used as wadding. Noil may also be a decorative additive in spinning projects like rovings and yarns and is easily dyed.

Content: 100% Silk
Fiber Class: Short Fiber
Easy to dye: yes
Super soft
Quantity: 250 gram or 500 Gram or 1000 Grams per order
Color: Undyed/Natural
Can be Dyed: yes
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